How MAGNUM Helped Me Raise My Credit Score Fast

Low credit is no fun. It affects you in all areas of life: your ability to rent an apartment, apply for a loan, apply for a credit card… the list could go on. There are so many people out there who messed up their credit badly when they were younger, and it definitely has an impact on their lives today. If you need to start building a large amount of credit, fast, then MAGNUM by Credit Strong is the solution for you.

Did you know: +86 points is the average FICO score increase for MAGNUM account holders that made 12 on-time payments*. 

If having the cash to build credit isn’t an issue, MAGNUM is the perfect product to start building a large amount of credit fast. The process is simple and easy:


You can apply in minutes. It only takes 3 minutes to open an account. Plus, there’s no hard credit pull.


Choose a plan that works best for you. Next, you select a plan that best fits your budget and goals.


Make monthly payments. Start making on-time monthly payments to build a positive credit history.

It’s that simple. You can build $2,000 to $10,000 of credit history starting at just $30 per month in payments. MAGNUM credit = MAXIMUM impact. Get started today!

*Starting FICO 8 credit score and increase in points. Results for MAGNUM 5000 and MAGNUM 10000 first 12 months after account opening with 12 months of on-time payments for all accounts opened in 2021 with 12 or more months of account activity. Individual results will vary. Every individual’s credit profile is unique, and your personal credit score may be impacted by all accounts and activity reported on your credit report. The average MAGNUM 10000 account holder with a starting FICO 8 credit score of 550 or less that made 12 on-time payments saw their credit score increase 86 points in 12 months.

With a $30 monthly payment, a loan of $2000 for 120 months at an annual percentage rate of 13.44% would yield a total payout of $ 2000 at the end of the term.

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